Get that shit out of your closet

Here’s how it goes down


Kick off call

We'll have a quick call so I can understand exactly what you need from your wardrobe. Whether you stare at your closet and immediately need your CBD, or already know what can go like your ex who won’t stop texting, we’ll find the right place to start.

Clear & Conquer

After we decide how much time to dedicate to clearing your wardrobe, we’ll either have a 1-hour curation call or jump straight into selling - aka Snap Sell Save.

Snap Sell Save

For anything we plan to sell, I’ll create and manage the listings of your preloved pieces that shoppers can’t wait to bring home. You'll save time, money and mama Earth.


Don’t know what to fill your closet with now that we’re done? I'll create a custom edit of slow, sustainable and secondhand pieces that fit your budget.

Ready to do the planet (and your closet) a favor?

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How many times have you wanted to clean out your closet but that pile of clothes just sits there, gets donated or trashed?

It's time to get that sh*t out of your closet

You know it. I know it. It’s time to get that shit out of your closet. I have over 10 years killing it in the resale market. I have a pulse on the plethora of platforms to resell fashion and can pinpoint where you’ll get the most coin.

Whether it’s athleisure or Altuzarra, we’ll discover your dream style, and I’ll help you decide what to keep or sell based on what makes sense for you.

Why wouldn’t I just donate it all? Donating your clothing is amazing and the sustainable fashion gods thank you! Some pieces in your closet really will find a great new home this way. But what those shops can’t sell just ends up going to the landfill too… to the tune of 85% of donations. Ouch. Read all about it here.

But listing my clothing or schlepping it to consignment shops takes so much time! That’s where RWO comes in. Together we’ll map out what to keep, sell, or locally donate.

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