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With over 10 years in the resale market, Rhymes With Orange founder Sara definitely knows all about the trials and tribulations of reselling clothes. Her new platform Rhymes With Orange meets ethically conscious people who want to empty out their closets but find it difficult when it comes to finding the right place and price to sell.

By promoting people’s closets in Newsletters and on social media, Rhymes With Orange tells the story behind each item and makes both the process of reselling and buying fun and heartwarming.

HeySara! Thanks for taking time out of your day to do this interview! First of all, how would you explain what Rhymes with Orange is?

Rhymes With Orange is a platform to create and celebrate a one of a kind and kind to the planet closet. It’s evolved quite a bit since I first launched last Summer – but it now functions as a two sided community. I work with individuals to help clear and sell their closets in an effort to mitigate adding to landfill. I work with likeminded brands and makers to help craft their story in a way that makes them irresistible to customers.

What’s surprised you about this experience of working with people’s closets? 

Well for one, just how much shit we’ve accumulated! With little to no thought. We should just sloooow everything down – from the process of adding to our closets through consciously cleaning them out. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the effects of infusing positivity into my community. I think a big reason that people are turned off by sustainable fashion is the [necessary] discussion around how damaging fast fashion is. People often use retail therapy as an escape and they don’t want to hear the dark side of things, which I totally understand. If I can create buzz for slow fashion with some humor and fun that’s what will stick.

What is the story behind the name Rhymes with Orange? Love it by the way!

Thank you! I have always been a “naming machine”. My best friend and I have a shared note and text messages where we drop in ideas for random brand names and business ideas. Over a year ago this name “Rhymes With Orange” popped into my head. It had no association with sustainable fashion at the time. Eventually the tagline “one of a kind, kind to the planet” bloomed from it and the concept just worked. I wish I had a better story!

What kind of feedback have you gotten that stands out to you? 

It seems a lot of people are really resonating with Rhymes With Orange! The messages I’ve received for my newsletter and my weekly live closet raid show “The One of a Kinds” legitimately make my day. I have a background in writing and love human interaction. Being able to create both these mediums, underpinned by a really important mission, has been so much fun. Getting a trustpilot review from a happy client isn’t so bad either!


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