Brand Storytelling

Do you feel like your brand story is messy, unclear or noiseless in a crowded space?

I'll help you tell a story your customers find irresistible.

My friends call me the copy queen, and I love to lend my expertise to brands making a difference. I apply my background in copywriting, marketing and human centered design to help you tell a story that matches the impact you’re having on the planet.

From a killer About Page to enviable blog posts to product descriptions that spark “add to cart”, there’s so much to be said about your incredible brand. And SEO is always front and center.

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Brands and Publications I’ve

Loved Working With:

A Sustainable Closet
Thousand Fell
Fresh Peaches 
Prynne Magazine
Seree Jewelry

For Days
Matt Alonzo Entertainment
Flex Watches
Inkkas Shoes
Isidora Flowers
Ombre Digital

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Your Brand Can Make A Difference 

Happy client, happy life

“Thank you! We are OBSESSED with your descriptions. We're so in love with your writing. It's exactly the style we wanted!”

Chloe, Seree Jewelry

“I just have to say chef’s kiss to your marketing! I work in Marketing and am a sucker for someone that does it well.”

Haley, Client

“I was reading the newsletter at work the other day and it as the perfect way to escape! I just read some of the articles you posted over morning coffee. So much info there, thanks for digging deeper!”

Easy Seda Vintage

“You nailed our tone of voice. We're really using your content across Instagram and our social team loves it!”

Katrina, K'dara

“I read the newsletter earlier today and it was wonderful! Can’t wait to learn about other resellers in the future!”

Articles of Thrift

“This blog was perfect. Thank you.”

Shawn, Fresh Peaches Co.

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